Shop Owner Tools

These documents are for participating shops to use for marketing purposes for the event.

First, you should register your shop by visiting our registration page. Registration is available for the March event on or after January 1, and the fall October event on or after August 1. You can register HERE anytime AFTER August 1. 

Early bird registration is $45, saving you $20 off the regular price and runs from August 1 through August 10 @ 5pm. After that, the regular rate of $65 begins from 5:01pm on August 10 until September 23, 2020, 5:00pm. No deadline be sure to get registered before September 23 at 5pm!!!

COVID REFUNDS: If either state or federal government regulations take a turn for the worse and mandate the closure of "non-essential" businesses that results in us needing to cancel the event, your shop will receive a full refund. If your town or county mandates you close your business, but not the entire state, resulting in your shop backing out of the event, you will receive a refund less the service & processing fee we are charged by Eventbrite. The $45 Early Bird fee would be refunded at $40.70 and the $65 Regular fee would be refunded at $59.50.


The following artwork is for you to use on any promotional item, as a flyer on your Facebook page, or signs. Simply right mouse click on the image and save to your computer as a file. If for some reason the artwork gets distorted, please send me a Private Message on the Facebook event page.

If you have trouble downloading these, just send me a PM on Facebook so I can send file that way.

OFFICIAL EVENT LOGO/FLYERS for Facebook & Instagram:

Here's the regular logo to use on anything you'd like. It is TRADEMARKED and MUST be used in its complete form. Do NOT cut apart. If you're planning to use it on promotional material such as tote bags, tee shirts or other, please contact Ann directly for a version that will work Do NOT use any logos that you have previously downloaded from us. Each year the artwork changes.

Also, when you create a Facebook post, please TAG our Facebook page so I will be aware of your post. Then I can share it to the event page. As you can imagine, with 500 shops participating, there's no way I can check all of those shop pages for posts to share!

Please refrain from using artwork or clip art of vintage pick up trucks you pull from Google. Instead, we provide this artwork to strengthen the "branding" of the event. Thanks.


Many times a customer may not know where to find the Master List of Shops or the Google Map. We've designed this flyer so all they have to do is use a QR Scanner App (available on Google Play or App Store). They just open the App and hold up to one of the QR Codes on the sign. It will automatically load the website address that takes them to the 1) Master List of Shops on our blog page, 2) Master List of Shops within Google Docs (which also includes the shop hours, shop type, description and shop promotion, or 3) Google Map.

Just print as many copies as you need to tape to your Cash Register, Doors, and around the store! (Note: This is a sample version. Once we have a full list and map, I will post the final version.)


If you plan to sell or give away promotional items such as t-shirts, canvas totes, koozies, or other such items, please use this full-color logo. This is my TRADEMARKED logo, you may not cut the image apart. It must be used in its full entirety as seen here. It can be customized with your store name. Contact us on our Facebook page for customized artwork.


Add this image as your Facebook page COVER's already sized to fit. Please do not add any type or alter in any way. This is my TRADEMARKED company logo and should not be changed.


This is designed as 8 1/2 x 11 size, place on doors or check out area. Import the image into your software and enlarge to cover the full sheet. This is my TRADEMARKED company logo and should not be altered.


This is designed as 4 images per side (two of each design) of 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper--feel free to design reverse side with your shop information. Import it into your software program, then just click and drag to enlarge it to fill the page.


We strongly suggest you "Add" our official event listing to your business page if you are using the recommended hours of 10am to 5pm both days rather than create a new event listing. To "Add" our event to your business page, follow these simple instructions:

1) Open the Vintage Shop Hop event tab HERE.
2) Just under the photo you'll see the SHARE button, and to the right of that you'll see three dots...
3) Click on the three dots and choose "Add to Page"
4) Choose your business page from the drop down. Done.

If you choose to create your own EVENT on your Facebook page with hours that BEGIN EARLIER than 10am or LATER than 5pm, you MUST alter your event name a bit from mine by adding your shop name to the event name. Otherwise the sheer quantity of search results can be very confusing. For example, my event name is: Official Vintage Shop Hop Spring Edition - October 2 & 3, 2020. Your event name should be: Vintage Shop Hop @ Your Shop Name.

INSTAGRAM sign for your shop:

And if you use Instagram, encourage your shoppers to use the hashtag: #vintageshophop

You can print this as well and post inside your shop. We'd love to see photos of your customers inside your shops with their bags, or loading their cars with all their goods! Encourage shoppers to take selfies...some shops have been successful with setting up an area for shoppers to take their selfies! This is my company logo and should not be altered. We are in the process of trademarking and the image needs to remain as is.


Next up, some Facebook marketing tips. Many of you are already experts at posting and using FB to it's fullest potential..but, because the vintage shop world is made up of small, sometimes "one owner" businesses, not everyone is as FB savvy as we'd like to be.

If I could give you just one tip--it's these two things--1) when it comes to promoting the Vintage Shop Hop on your business page...don't simply SHARE the posts from my page to your page. Because of how Facebook works behind the scenes, you won't get as many views. Instead, write your own original post, and upload the Event Logo or flyer (or a photo from your shop at last year's event) to your'll see a bigger response. 2) For added marketing power, I like to suggest that you include the official Event flyer as the last photo you upload every time you're posting photos on your page. For instance, you write a post and upload six photos from your shop...keep the flyer on your phone or pc...and upload it as the seventh photo. That way your followers have all the details.


Video is king on Facebook and IG...with all the free and low priced photo apps and video apps out there, it's not difficult to create a quick video highlighting your town or region. Here are a few towns on the shop hop who do a bang-up job getting shoppers to their area by marketing with a video:

Antioch, IL - town-wide marketing

This was created on an iPhone with iMovie.

Kenosha, WI - town-wide marketing

This was created in Magisto:


Vintage Shop Hop video, done in


ReTwist T - single shop marketing

This was created on an iPhone using iMovie, the Movie Trailer feature.

Here are some links that will give you great tips.

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Ultimate Cheat Sheet of Social Media Image sizes

Create a "vanity" URL for your Facebook page

--by that I mean this...when you first create your business page, Facebook assigns the URL to it. So, for instance, on the day I created my shop hop page the URL was this:
but now, after creating my own, to make marketing and adding it to advertising and business cards it's this:
Click this video link to see how easy it is to do.


Many shops who take part create their own electronic flyer that they then post to their Facebook page. Some also turn it into a paper or postcard version to use as a bag stuffer leading up to the event. If you design your own for your Facebook page, be sure to TAG the Vintage Shop Hop page so we'll know about it!

PLEASE DO NOT use clip art of a vintage truck in your flyer. We encourage you to use our artwork of our blue truck which is licensed to be used. Pulling artwork and images from Google is not a good idea. Contact me through a private message on Facebook with any questions.

Here are some examples of shop flyers from current and previous years--remember, the more you do on your end, the more successful the event will be for you and your town and/or shopping district.


One Love Candle & Bath, Rockford, IL...front window...

Antiques on Main, Reedsburg, WI...front window

Lulu Birds, Kenosha, WI...tote bags

Eclectic Treasures, Baraboo, WI...every shop in Baraboo has this sign in their window!

Tattered Tiques, Lake Barrington, IL create customized gift bags and tags:

Juniper's Nest, DeKalb, IL created her own t-shirt art to sell in her store. Hand created art must be approved by event organizer first.